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Meet Our Staff

 P.Said & Cecile Deeb:
(Senior Pastor)

Christine Boutros : (Secretary & PR)

Georges Boutros : (Ashurds)


Rania El Shartouny Deeb
Johny Sannan

Joumana Abou Jaoudeh

Gabriel Lattouf :
(Assistant pastor, Ministry of Mercy & intercession)

Hady Jammoul: (Alpha Course team Leader /technical & sound manager/ One of the Youth Leaders)

Louis Daou " Youth Leader "

" Harvest Kids Club Leader,

P.Said & Cecile 
P.Milad Maurice
P.Elie Razzouk
Gabriel & Samia Lattouf

Simonda Deeb Jammoul:
(Sunday School leader

Bilal Znait:
(Harvest Kids Club Helper)

Srilankan Group in COG BH:

Leaders: ( Baskered, and Jessica )

Pastoral and Ministry Team:

Joumana Abou Jaoudeh
Louis Daou
Hady & Simonda Jammoul
Gabriel and Samia Lattouf
Said and Cecile Deeb